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Opticks sourceforge project upgrade

I have begun the upgrade of the Opticks and Opticks-Extras projects in
sourceforge. The biggest changes for most developers are the new
repository URLs and authentication. The new URLs are as follows:

Read-write (for core devs):
svn+ssh://[hidden email]/p/opticks/code
Read-only (for everyone else): svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/opticks/code

Opticks Extras
Read-write (for core devs):
svn+ssh://[hidden email]/p/opticks-extras/code
Read-only (for everyone else): svn checkout

If you have trouble accessing these, there is a read-only https url for
each repository but access will be much slower than the svn urls.

You should be able to do a subversion relocate on existing working

Read-write access requires a public/private key. On windows, Putty and
Putty Agent can be used to create and load the key (so you don't have to
type a password every time you access the repo). You need to go to your
sourceforge account to add the public key you are using. (Under the
Services tab in your account information page)
Trevor R.H. Clarke
Software Engineer, Ball Aerospace

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