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Goffena, Robert

It looks like there is another way to perform #1, which may be slightly quicker.


First, display import options dialog (File->Import Data...->Options... or right click and drag file into Opticks)

Second, in the resulting Import Options Dialog:

…Set Display Mode to RGB

…Set Red Band to 1

…Set Green Band to 2

…Set Blue Band to 3.



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1. Opticks imports all three bands for jpeg images, but to display them you need to right-click on the JPEG’s raster layer in session explorer and open the properties dialog for that layer. From there, switch the display mode from Graycale to RGB and then select band 1 for red, band 2 for green and 3 for blue for a normal RGB image.

2. For this you should be able to use the Band Math tool (under General Algorithms) to add bands together (or subtract, multiply, etc). You could also write a plugin to work with the Raster data directly, if needed.


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Hi all,

I am experimenting with Opticks 4.12.0 and have a few elementary issues. Note, I am using RGB and NIR images off a drone and not satellite imagery.

1) when importing JPEGs they import in greyscale. I need in assistance in importing such that all bands are available.

2) I need to produce an NDVI and so need to merge the NIR with the RGB in order to calc the NDVI. How is this most easily achieved.

Thanks in advance




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